Giant Anaconda Attacks American Explorer

Giant Anaconda Attacks American Explorer - By Mike Collis

An adventerous American along with some friends were exploring the remote region north of the Yavari River some 180 miles west of Iquitos, Peru. While they were fording a small creek a 22 foot, 420 lbs Anaconda attacked 47 year old Ron Shores from Seminole,Oklahoma.
Ron was the last of 8 people to cross the small river, when he was only 8 feet from the far bank the snake made a violent attack. In seconds the giant reptile had encoiled the American , fortunately Ron managed to keep his footing until his companions jumped into the water to pull him and the monster from the water.
Experienced jungle guide Juan Maldonado wanted to shoot the snake but Ron insisted it be released back into the creek from where it came from.
Anacondas spend most of their time in the water and their usual method of killing their prey is to encoil their victim and then drown it.
Ron knows that with a snake of this size he had a very lucky escape.

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