Peru’s National Flag

La Enseña Nacional (The National Ensign)

By Mike Collis

There are actually two official national flags of Peru. One is the State Flag which has the emblem in the centre and the other known as the civil flag which simply has two outside stripes of red and the centre being white. The civil flag is displayed by ordinary Peruvian citizens whereas the State flag is used by officials and is displayed on public buildings etc.

The national flag was first designed by Jose de San Martin in 1820 but it was not officially dedicated until February 25th, 1825.

The colours of the flag are significant. The white reflects peace and purity and the red signifies the blood shed by the patriots during the fight for independence from Spain. The emblem in the centre of the State Flag displays Peru’s wealth and prestige. In its middle a vicuña (a relative of the llama) and a quina tree are depicted along with a cornucopia spilling out gold and silver coins reflecting the country’s vast mineral deposits. The wreath of leaves surrounding the vicuña, the quina and the cornucopia depict Peru’s vast fauna, and the freedom, pride and independence which the country enjoys.

The civil flag (bandera nacional)

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