The Legend of The Amazon Warrior

In Greek mythology it is said that the god Heracles murdered his children. To pay for this terrible crime Heracles was ordered to complete 12 tasks. One of these tasks was to go to Amazonia and to bring back the golden belt of the Amazons. The golden belt was the royal symbol of the Queen of the Amazons and was their most valued treasure.

Heracles travelled to Amazonia, where the Amazons lived. Heracles was invited into the queen’s palace, the Amazons were very wary of the stranger and he was guarded in case he was to harm their queen. The Queen of the Amazons was Hippolyta and once she met Heracles she fell deeply in love with him. The Queen asked Heracles to accept the golden belt as a sign of peace. Everything was going fine until Hera, the Greek queen of the gods, spread a rumour amongst the Amazons that in fact Heracles was planning to attack their queen. The Amazons, much angered rose up and fought the Greeks.

The following battle was hard and very bloody and the victors were Heracles and his army. During the fierce battle Queen Hippolyta was killed and her warriors surrendered. The Greeks took Melanippe and Antiope prisoners. Antiope was eventually taken back to Greece as a prize to be given to King Theseus.

Tha Amazons longed for revenge and attacked the Greeks at Attica. Antiope fought on the side of the Greeks and was killed in the fierce battle.

Throughout greek and roman mythology the women warriors of Amazonia play a prominent part, wether the greeks actually ever made it to South America is unknown but for sure the legend of the fierce women warriors of Amazonia played an important role in their myths and legends and are portrayed in many marble monuments.
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