The Legend of the Pink Dolphin
By Mike Collis

In the legend of the amazon pink dolphin it claims that the pink dolphin can transform itself into an attractive young man. This young man then goes out in the evening looking for young girls on the riverbank who he seduces and then disappears.

In the legend itself, it tells of an 18 year old indigenous girl called Rosita who lived with her family on the banks of the Amazon River. Almost every day Rosita would go down to the river to wash clothes or to collect water. One day she sat on the riverbank staring, almost hypnotized by the moving water and the glow of the setting sun's reflection. In an instant Rosita removed her clothes and went into the cool water for a swim. She did not know she was being observed from the riverbank. Suddenly a young man appeared at the waters edge and glared without shame at Rosita's naked body. Without thinking Rosita stood up and walked towards the young man, it was like magnetism as she went right up to the stranger. Immediately the two started a passionate embrace. Rosita asked "Who are you? Where are you from?" He replied that he was just a simple fisherman. He told Rosita that he wanted to be with her forever and she replied "I want to be with you forever too". They embraced and kissed for what seemed forever. Rosita did not return home that night but stayed with the young man all night making love endlessly.

From then on the couple met every night and made love under the dark star filled sky in the same spot, Rosita's Father was worried about his daughter and her absence from the home every night. Her Father confronted her and insisted she told him of her whereabouts during the last few nights. Rosita, normally a timid shy girl stood up straight and said "Father I am in love with a young fisherman and we want to get married". Shocked at never seeing his daughter react this way he agreed to meet with his daughter's fisherman lover. The meeting took place that night and the young man asked for his daughter's hand in marriage. The Father knew his beloved Rosita was in love and he agreed. He also reluctantly agreed to the young man staying over night in their house. Over time the young man slept with the young girl every night but mysteriously left every morning before sunrise and only returned during the hours of darkness. One fateful morning the girl's lover did not leave before dawn and slept soundly. Rosita woke up to find something cold and wet beside her. She opened her eyes and full of fear screamed out loudly when she saw what was in her bed beside her. Rosita's screams woke the whole house and her Father grabbed his shotgun and rushed to his daughter's aid. He could not believe his eyes, for lying in the bed next to his daughter was a mature pink dolphin. The pink dolphin, in panic tried to escape but only fell onto the floor wriggling about. The Father raised his gun, took aim and fired killing the dolphin instantly.

The young fisherman never returned to visit Rosita after that day and was never seen again. Rosita found it hard to believe that her young fisherman lover had left her and she was heartbroken. Then to make things worse she discovered that she was pregnant.

A few months later and it was time for Rosita to have her baby. During childbirth there were serious complications and Rosita died. However the baby was born alive and the onlookers could not believe their eyes, for the newborn baby was not human at all but was a baby pink dolphin. Now the reality set in and it was obvious the handsome young fisherman was in fact a pink dolphin who had the ability to transform itself into a man, the young man who had seduced Rosita nine months before.

Since then native girls are warned to beware of handsome young fishermen and not to let themselves be seduced. The young fisherman will probably be Bufeo Colorado, a mystical Pink Dolphin who changes into a man at night to steal the hearts of young innocent girls.

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