The Legend of The Sirens
By Mike Collis

The Amazon basin has thousands of tributaries which serve the mighty Amazon River and are used as waterways for the transportation of people and goods. This massive area abounds with myths and legends one of them is the sirens.

Local men make their living fishing, hunting, collecting Brazil or rubber nuts and even prospecting for gold. Sometimes these men can be away from home for weeks or even months at a time. These men were surrounded by the dense rainforest and had no female company whatsoever, only their male co workers. One can only imagine how lonely these men must have been. Maybe it was their imagination, but some of these men claimed that they saw beautiful young girls calling to them from the other side of the river. Some of these men actually dived into the swift flowing river hoping to make it to the girls on the far shore. Of course the river took its toll and they never made it and were never seen again.
Witnesses to these events tell of what they saw and heard. It is said that during the years of the rubber boom some lonely men caught pink river dolphins and had sex with them. Once the act of sex was complete the men were transformed into male sirens who then lived with the pink dolphins in the deep waters of the Amazon. Some say this is why so many native workers disappeared without any trace.
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