Richard "Aukcoo" Fowler - R.I.P.
by D.W. Walker

Richard "Aukcoo" Fowler (1948-2016)

Abridged from an up-coming book by D.W. Walker, 创The Ink Boom: 100 Years of Expat Writers in Iquitos, Peru.

In the lost jungle city of Iquitos, Peru, colorful eccentrics are as thick on the ground as poisonous snakes. To stand above the canopy among such a strange crowd requires a towering personality, and Richard ''Aukcoo'' Fowler had it right up to the moment he died.

Fowler was from Adelaide, Florida, a 101st Airborne Division veteran who served two terms during the Vietnam War. There is some question about medals, but there is no question about his bravery or loyalty. Nor is there any question about his hard drinking, gun-toting, gung-ho and nutty public outbursts. Many people found him scary. He was also funny, a tender-hearted tough guy who stood up for his friends even when they begged him to sit down and cool off somewhat.

Fowler came to the Amazon jungle in 1994 where he worked as a jungle guide and naturalist, leading people into the deepest wilds, sometimes to their dismay. Most reviews were enthusiastic, no one died, and during his time in the jungle Fowler brought at least five babies to the world as a mid-wife, or as he put it, a certified rescue paramedic. (See pics of one jungle birth, click here) He met and married a Peruvian girl, Delicia, and together they raised her twin daughters.

There is some discussion about Fowler磗 arrest record, with one man claiming, ''That's not a rap sheet, that's the best C.V. I've ever seen.''

Beyond Fowler磗 drunken bravado lay a Hemminwayesque figure, the raging, pistol-waving craziness sometimes obscuring his softer side. To Fowler磗 credit he never killed any of my friends.

Joe Boatwright, a 6 foot 2 inch oilman dressed in blue jeans and alligator hide cowboy boots said, 创He scared me. I磎 not ashamed to admit it. He scared me.创 Ed Lily, a part-time resident from the other Virginia, said, 创He reminded me of a man I knew who died and went straight to hell.创 Another said, 创I磎 surprised he died. I always thought he磀 kill someone.创

Within hours of the news of Fowler磗 death rumors spread that he had been murdered. Bill Grimes, owner of Dawn on the Amazon restaurant, said,

Richard wouldn磘 have liked it if anyone thought there was a man tough enough to murder him. He always claimed he could beat any three men.创

However, Richard 创Aukoo创 Fowler couldn磘 beat death. His cremation at Garden of Eden Cemetery was attended by his family and many of his friends in early March, 2016.

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